Thursday, October 16


This is one of my favorite pictures.  

There is no filter used.  Nothing has been edited. 

It is simply beautiful.  

I love this picture because I was with my wife Amanda when I took it.  We were in Troy, Indiana, a special place to me because it is the first place I preached following the death of my mother last year.  

I love this picture because of the sunset.  The sunset reminds us while one day is ending, another day is beginning.  

Wednesday, August 20


The Jr. High football team took pictures yesterday during school.  Our head coach needed to continue teaching, so as an assistant coach, I assisted by watching the players to make sure there was no monkey business taking place.  

What should have taken 30 minutes ended up taking over an hour!  I swear 90 year old women move faster than those boys did yesterday.  Then I remembered back to when I was in school, and how I would milk every opportunity to be out of class for all its worth.  These boys were doing what I would have done in their position.  

It’s amazing how hard we work to get out of work.  

I have areas in my life where I’ve procrastinated in an effort to get out of “work.”  It’s not that I wouldn’t do these things, it’s just I didn’t want to do them now.  So, things have been sliding... and eventually snowballing... until it becomes a mess.  How much better off would I have been to do the work when it was first due?  

Proverbs 10:4, “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.”  

Wednesday, August 13


I had a low tire on my car yesterday, so I went to my neighbors house to borrow their air pump.  Only we couldn’t find the air pump in their garage.  That’s when a sick feeling came over me...  I had not returned the air pump from the previous time I borrowed it!  

I drove home, opened my garage door, and there in full view of all creation is the air pump I asked my friends to borrow.  

I texted them right away to let them know I am a moron.  

This experience reminded me of a story I read where an art collector was searching the world for a certain painting.  He was a very wealthy man and had a vast art collection which was stored in a warehouse.  

But the man wanted this one painting.  

He wanted it so badly he began to search, and put his staff to work on locating this particular painting so he could add it to his collection.  A lot of time and money was spent searching for this piece of art.  

The good news is they located the painting.  The artwork was found in the man’s warehouse!  All this time he had already possessed what he desperately searched for.  

I believe God blesses us with everything we need.  Maybe not everything we want, but definitely everything we need.  Perhaps it’s time to open the garage door of our life and take inventory of the blessings we already possess.  

I know I'm going to be more careful about what I search for.  =)  
(You're welcome Matt, Tina and Alex!  lol) 

Tuesday, August 12


Organic milk needs better marketing.  

My wife, Amanda, and I are seeking to eat healthier.  Translated:  we are eating organic.   When I hear the word “organic” I do not think “tasty.”  Organic does not get my mouth watering. It’s usually the opposite.  My initial thought is “If this is organic, then I’d rather be on a mission trip in the Congo.”  

Yesterday I tasted organic milk for the first time in my life.  At first I was afraid, I was petrified.  I truly was nervous.  But then something wonderful happened.  

I took a drink of organic milk.  

I’m not saying angels began singing from Heaven, but it was glorious!  

Then my wife suggested mixing the granola we have with the milk and a Copernican revolution took place with my taste buds.  Copernicus is the guy who figured out the earth revolved around the sun, not the sun around the earth.  Here I’ve been thinking my entire life organic is nasty, and yet, the reality is organic milk is delicious!  Better than the regular milk you buy in the store.  My paradigm has shifted from what I thought was good to what is really good.  

All because I took one drink of organic milk.  

What else have we missed out on because we think it’s terrible?  

A conversation with your spouse could dramatically improve your marriage. But it’s going to be a difficult talk and you’d prefer to not stir the pot.  Even though making the initial effort would spark a revolution in your relationship.  

Opportunities at your work which could provide advancement or extra income are available to you.  But there’s no guarantee you’ll be successful and the thought of failure paralyzes you.  

It’s when we take the initial step, the first drink of organic milk, we discover we’ve missed out on something truly wonderful in life.  

Organic milk needs better marketing.  What needs better marketing in your life?  

Wednesday, March 26


There are two clips to finish the sermon from Sunday.  When life makes us weak, authentic followers of Jesus respond by praying!



Tuesday, March 25


Another clip from Sunday's message at Restoration…

What has happened in your life that is good?

Monday, March 24


This is a clip from yesterday's message at Restoration Christian Church.  When life is difficult, authentic followers of Jesus respond by praying.


 Questions to consider:

 1. How do I typically respond to difficult situations? 

2.  How does being an authentic follower of Christ make your life difficult?  

Monday, December 9

What do you think of this commercial?

It's 90 seconds long, but I would like to hear your thoughts on this commercial.


Monday, November 25


Really looking forward to the Christmas sermon series we will be doing at Restoration in December.  Just like socks & underwear... Jesus is the gift everyone needs, but not everyone wants. 

Here's a fun video we made as a teaser for the series...

Wednesday, October 30


I asked this question on Facebook yesterday.  I was curious after making my list who my friends would invite.  (I must say I was touched that some of my friends included me on their list.  Ha ha)  

My first draft included over 20 names, but I then narrowed it down to 5 living famous people I would enjoy having dinner with.

JEFF FOXWORTHY - You might be a redneck if you want to have dinner with Jeff Foxworthy.  If so, then I are one!   The guy is not only a comedian... he's an author, TV star, and all around good guy.  Besides being hilarious, Jeff does a lot to help others.  I loved learning the fact that Jeff teaches a Bible study on Tuesday mornings at a homeless shelter in Atlanta.   I think it would be a blast to hang out with Jeff.

GEORGE STRAIT - My favorite country singer of all time!  George is my favorite because he has proven consistent and stayed at the top of his genre for most of his career.  Most importantly, he has shown integrity in a business and time when it would have been easy for him not to.  I've always respected him since I learned while making the movie "Pure Country," George refused to kiss the actress in the movie, saying he would only kiss his wife.  That's the kind of guy I want to hang around.

JASE ROBERTSON - (actually all of the Robertson family would be great to meet!)  I enjoy the "Duck Dynasty" show on TV, but I have also enjoyed reading about this family and listening to them  share their faith and life with others.  I like how they take their faith seriously, yet they also have a lot of fun!  It's like they "get" what Jesus came to do... which was bring us life!  I respect Jase and his commitment to spend time with his family every day.  This has a huge impact on me as I'm preparing to be a dad.

DAVID CROWDER - The guy is a creative genius.  He's a talented musician and song writer.  And his stories from life in Texas are so funny, your side will hurt from laughing so hard.  If I was planning a "shindig," I would definitely want Crowder there!

WILL FERRELL - This guy is genius when it comes to comedy.  While I don't appreciate his raunchy material, "Elf" is one of my favorite movies.  And if you've never seen his 10 minute acceptance speech for the Mark Twain Award, he sets what I believe should be the standard for an acceptance speech.

Who would you invite to dinner?