Monday, July 05, 2010

New Mexico Trip Wrap-up

I had an awesome time at El Porvenir Christian Camp!!  I did not know anyone at the camp before I arrived.  But I had a great time connecting with everyone there and meeting lots of new friends. 

With the exception of rain on Thursday and Friday, it was beautiful!!  And even with the rain, it was great... just made everything muddy and messy. 

I would take the weather in New Mexico year round!!  I was brutally reminded getting off the plane in Cincinnati that the midwest has humidity.  I hardly sweat at all in New Mexico.  I don't think I've stopped sweating back home! 

The campers came from several states and together they raised $1,650 to purchase back packs and school supplies for children in Albuqurque. 

Plus, they also packed 8,200 meals to send to places like Haiti or other areas of need.
I enjoyed speaking each night…although the middle school group was a tough age to connect with. But overall it went well. 5 baptisms at camp and other kids came forward for prayer and various decisions.

Loved meeting the band "A Road Less Traveled."  They did a great job leading us in worship, and even put on a concert for the campers one night.  I appreciated their heart and service.  They weren't just there to do the "gig."  They went out of their way to connect with the campers.  (Plus they autographed a poster for me.  Even wrote on it:  "To Wade, our biggest fan."  Was that a fat joke?) =) lol

All in all... it was a great week.  A week I'll remember for a long time.  God is good. 

My cabin for the week... sweet.

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