Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I had a low tire on my car yesterday, so I went to my neighbors house to borrow their air pump.  Only we couldn’t find the air pump in their garage.  That’s when a sick feeling came over me...  I had not returned the air pump from the previous time I borrowed it!  

I drove home, opened my garage door, and there in full view of all creation is the air pump I asked my friends to borrow.  

I texted them right away to let them know I am a moron.  

This experience reminded me of a story I read where an art collector was searching the world for a certain painting.  He was a very wealthy man and had a vast art collection which was stored in a warehouse.  

But the man wanted this one painting.  

He wanted it so badly he began to search, and put his staff to work on locating this particular painting so he could add it to his collection.  A lot of time and money was spent searching for this piece of art.  

The good news is they located the painting.  The artwork was found in the man’s warehouse!  All this time he had already possessed what he desperately searched for.  

I believe God blesses us with everything we need.  Maybe not everything we want, but definitely everything we need.  Perhaps it’s time to open the garage door of our life and take inventory of the blessings we already possess.  

I know I'm going to be more careful about what I search for.  =)  
(You're welcome Matt, Tina and Alex!  lol) 

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