Monday, May 20, 2013


Happy Monday everyone!  Here's a few of my musings on this Monday morning...

- Have I ever mentioned how great a church Restoration is?  Saturday we had a group of people work around the theater doing various landscaping projects.  We really appreciate Doc & Sharon letting us meet on Sundays in the theater.  This was just a small way for us to say "thanks!"

- We had another great Sunday at Restoration yesterday!  It was graduate Sunday, so we took time to recognize and pray for our 3 graduates.  Restoration gave each graduate a gift book of "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman.  It's our prayer they will always follow Christ, not just be a fan of Christ.

- We also set a non-holiday record attendance of 119 yesterday!  

- Getting ready to begin a new sermon series in June that I'm calling "grow."  I'm going to teach through Galatians 5 so we can learn how God wants us to grow in Him.

- I heard Justin Beiber was booed last night at the Billboard Awards show.  (I was too busy watching Tim McGraw's music special with the lovely Amanda, so I didn't see it.)  But it reminded me how foolish it is to chase after popularity.  It really is here today and gone tomorrow.

Here are some pics from working at the theater on Saturday.  Have a great rest of your Monday!

Harold putting the brush in the truck bed.  

Nick is working hard.  

The whole family got involved.  

Joe climbed the ladder while Nick prayed.  =)
Jack, Matt & Randy cleaning up the rip rap.  

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