Monday, April 01, 2013


- I am so blessed to be the minister at Restoration Christian Church!  I am very thankful God has given me this opportunity.  I am very thankful for our church!

- As fun as yesterday was, I'm more excited about this coming Sunday at Restoration!  We are kicking off a new series called "Dancing with the Scars."  While it breaks my heart to know people have been hurt, I'm praying this series will help bring healing to their life.  I can't wait for Sunday!!!

- My father-in-law is in Nebraska, beginning the stem cell transplant.  So far things have gone well, but more prayers are appreciated!

- Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds is today!  I would love to be there... eating some Skyline Chili... followed by Graeter's ice cream.  =)

- Praying for Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware to have a speedy recovery.  He broke his leg yesterday in the game against Duke.  It was very gruesome to watch... can't imagine how painful this was for him.  It was moving, however, to see how his team rallied around him.

- Today is April fools day.  Be careful what you listen to.

- Our advertising for Easter involved peeps.  So yesterday, we gave peeps away to everyone who joined us at Restoration.  It was sweet!!!  lol

Have a great Monday!

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