Monday, March 04, 2013


Because it's Monday, and I like to be random...

- Great day with our church family yesterday!  Loved hearing so many people singing during our worship service.  Joe Howard and crew did a great job leading us.  Can't wait until next Sunday!

- A late happy birthday to my friend, Bane Angles!  His birthday was yesterday.  Bane is one of my best friends and a great man of God.  So thankful for him!

- Indiana has a share of the BIG 10 title!  I think yesterday was the first time I ever hoped Purdue would win a basketball game.  lol

- Hard to believe tomorrow night is Senior night for IU.  It's amazing to think about where the basketball program was when they arrived in Bloomington, compared to where it is now.

- I won't be able to watch the game live because I'm speaking at the Operation Refinement revival taking place at the Versailles Church of Christ!  Looking forward to being with friends there tomorrow night!

- Always leave things better than when you found it!

- I love our students we have at RSM!  Sunday nights are a blast for me.  You can see why...


 Have a great Monday!

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