Wednesday, March 13, 2013


These musings are usually posted on Monday, but since I was away at the National Preaching Summit in Indianapolis, I'm posting them today.

I look forward to the NPS every year.  It has become an annual tradition for me and a group of preacher friends to attend.  Plus, I was stoked my dad could join us this year!

I also look forward to the NPS because it helps me become a better preacher.  Attending the main sessions and workshops help me refocus and renew my passion for preaching.  I am constantly wanting to get better at delivering God's Word to His people!

My biggest take away from the Summit this year is profound, yet simple.  Listen to the text.

I am not a good listener.  Listening is not a great skill of mine.  Just ask my wife.  I think she has talked to me about becoming a better listener... but I'm not totally sure.

When it comes to preaching, listening is so important.  Otherwise, I'm going to share my opinions and my thoughts, rather than what God actually said.

Listen to the text.

That's good advice.

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