Monday, November 05, 2012


- Tomorrow is election day in the United States.  At times it is hard to believe the campaign will be over tomorrow.  What will television stations do for commercials now??

- Politics tries to change things on the outside.  Jesus seeks to change us from the inside.  (Great thought from Aaron Brockett)

- It's "NO SHAVE NOVEMBER" month!  A year ago, I began growing a beard.  My wife asked me to.  And since I grew it, she hasn't wanted me to shave it.  Now I want to grow it out like the guys on Duck Dynasty.  Wonder how she'll like that?!?!  lol

- Duck Dynasty is my new favorite TV show.  

- The Indianapolis Colts keep finding ways to win!  They will be going on the road more in the next few weeks, but it's awesome to see them with a winning record.  It's also great that Andrew Luck is setting records for rookies.  =)

- I'm happy that Peyton Manning is having an MVP season in Denver too!

- One year into the church plant and I can honestly say I'm loving it and excited to see what happens next!

-  Pray for America.  Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Go for the beard - maybe you will look like one of the old restoration forefathers