Monday, October 08, 2012


What a crazy weekend!!!  The 2012 Pumpkin Festival was taking place in French Lick... but more importantly, we were celebrating our one year anniversary at Restoration Christian Church!

- Yesterday I shared a message on why we exist as a church.  You can listen to the sermon on our church website:

- We had a baptism yesterday!  Peige Dickey was baptized in a pool... outside...  in October.  This is true dedication!  The pool water was 88 degrees, it was just the getting out of the water that was tough. I told her, "If you die from hypothermia, at least you'll go straight to Heaven!" ha ha

- I didn't get to watch the Colts game yesterday, but I am so happy they won!  I did see the first quarter, and knew they were down 21-3 at halftime.  To come back the way they did shows a lot of character and strength.  It was an emotional win for their coach.  Praying for Coach Chuck Pagano as he is fighting Leukemia.

- We had a great weekend at the Pumpkin Festival.  Our church had a booth where we gave free hot chocolate and coffee to our community.  This is a great way for our church to have a presence in the community.  My favorite part is seeing the reaction from people when they find out the coffee and hot chocolate is free!

Call me... maybe?
- Met this little dog at the baptism yesterday.  It's a she-pooh.  lol

Have a great Monday!

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