Monday, October 01, 2012


- I am so proud of our RSM students.  We are challenging them to be "Weird" - the Bible word would be "holy."  I love seeing status updates from them taking the challenge to heart.  I am praying for them constantly.  They are some of the best students you could ever ask for!

- I am thankful for my wife Amanda.  It's so nice to come home after our morning worship service and enjoy a good meal together.  It's a blessing we laugh and enjoy each other's company. (most of the time! lol)

- Last week I had a great opportunity to teach at Person to Person Ministries in Hillsboro, Ohio.  I was given the topic of discipleship... since I'm known to talk about that from time to time.  lol    I really enjoyed the class, and appreciated the people in the class.  I hope to be able to teach there again one day!

- Started a new sermon series yesterday called "One."  It's hard to believe next week is the one year anniversary of Restoration Christian Church.  So much has happened over the past year, and yet one thing is clear:  God is faithful!  Here is the video we showed at the beginning of the sermon...

- We had our second highest attendance yesterday.  102 people met to worship together in the Springs Stadium Theatre.  I'm so thankful for the church God is building here in our community!

- With the Colts not playing yesterday, I wasn't as focused on football.  I did watch a little of the 49ers and Jets game, plus the end of the Giants and Eagles game last night.  But yesterday was such a busy day I didn't have time to sit and watch football.  And I'm happy about that!

- This week is the Pumpkin Festival in French Lick!  Our church will have a booth to give out free hot chocolate and be a presence in our community.  Praying we can connect with people and make a difference in their lives!

That's enough for now... have a great Monday!  

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