Monday, September 24, 2012


- We had a great day yesterday at Restoration!  Dad preached and did a great job showing us how Jesus is supreme over Heaven and earth and the church.  Kirby Stailey did an excellent job leading worship for us.  I was thankful to have a Sunday off from preaching.  I had preached every Sunday since June, so I needed a break.  (I'm sure the church did too! lol)

- RSM had 22 last night!

- The Colts defense lost the game yesterday.  So frustrating...  But the good news is I think Andrew Luck will continue to get better and better.  Colts seem to have made a good decision by picking Luck over Peyton (as much as I still hate to see Peyton in a Broncos jersey rather than a Colts jersey).

- Many of our fears are unnecessary.  For example:  I found the monster under my bed.  His name is Bo.

- Busy week ahead.  Preparing a new sermon series called "One" to begin this Sunday at RCC.  Can you believe Restoration is almost one year old??

- Teaching at Person to Person Ministries in Ohio on Thursday night.  Going to be sharing some of the things we are practicing here at RCC.

Hope you have a great Monday!

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