Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm excited to start a new work week!  But before we get too crazy, here's the latest edition of my musings on a Monday....

- Great day yesterday at Restoration Christian Church!  A good worship service followed by a baptism is always a great day in my book!  Thankful for Tanner Land's decision to follow Christ. 

- I love preaching Revelation!  I know, I've said this a lot lately... but it's true!  At first I was afraid, I was petrified to preach from this book.  But now I'm so thankful I did.  God's Word is powerful!  We need the message of this book more than ever.  

- Sadly my Bluefield Beavers lost to the Graham G-Men on Friday.  I feel for the kicker who missed a game winning field goal with :05 seconds on the clock.  That's a tough loss.

- I love RSM!!!  (Restoration Student Ministries)  I had so much fun teaching them on Sunday night.  Our teens have so much potential.  I'm praying they will be "thermostats" in this community.  

- Spoke for the Limestone Christian Crusaders gathering last week.  It went very well.  Received a lot of positive feedback.  

- I'm nervous about the Indianapolis Colts football season.  I figure they'll win 5 games... and I will consider an 8 win season a HUGE success.  I know it's the pre-season, but our defense looks weak and our offensive line is plain OFFENSIVE!  I do like Andrew Luck and think he will be a great player, barring any injury.  Guess it's just going to be a matter of time... 

- I heard from two people they cried during my sermon yesterday.  I didn't realize it was that bad! lol j/k  

- You can listen to my sermons on our church website: 

That's enough for now.  Have a great Monday!  

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