Monday, August 20, 2012


Ever notice if something is going to go wrong... it will go wrong on Sunday morning?  Yesterday began badly for me.  I was completely frustrated.  I wish I could say I handled myself in a mature manner... but I reached the point it was necessary to ask God to forgive the thoughts I was having about some people.  (There are some Psalms from the Bible which are very handy to quote! lol)  The good news is we had a great Sunday at Restoration!

I really liked this quote:  "Without problems, there aren't opportunities.  And without opportunities, you can't grow." - Michael Hyatt

Caleb Spencer did a GREAT job leading worship for us yesterday!  So proud of how far this young guy has come.

Enjoyed watching some preseason football last night!  As an Indianapolis Colts fan, I felt the field goal before the half signified a huge change in the Colts.  That would have never happened last year!

While it is intimidating to preach, I am loving the book of Revelation!  Yesterday we focused on chapters 4 & 5.  These chapters reveal the ultimate worship service in the universe!

Far too often I get focused on the excellence of the service rather than the excellence of God.

Looking forward to speaking at the Limestone Christian Crusaders event this Thursday.  It's going to be held at the Syria Christian Church outside of Orleans, Indiana.  Hoping to see several people there!

That's enough musings for now... Have a great Monday!

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