Monday, August 13, 2012


- Yesterday was another great day at Restoration Christian Church!  Definitely one of my favorites.  I loved standing near the front of the room listening to the church sing.  It was beautiful.  I love to worship with my church family!!

- I'm enjoying preaching from the book of Revelation.  Granted, this coming week will be the first time I preach on a text not from the first 3 chapters.  (Once you get to chapter 4 the book gets a lot more difficult.)  Praying I can be true to the text and encouraging to the church as I preach this week!

- Listen to yesterday's sermon here:

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- I was shocked by how sad I got watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  Granted, it's just sports... but I really enjoyed watching them each night with Amanda.  Of course, it caused us to stay up late each night, but it was really fun.  Already looking forward to August 5, 2016... the next Summer Olympic games!

- I'm worried by how intense and divisive this Presidential election will be.  Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan to be his running mate over the weekend.  Instantly people on both sides claimed Ryan was the key to their victory.   People from the Democrat side said he was the worst choice ever.  Democrats insist with Romney picking Ryan, he is handing the race over to the Democrats.  However, many Republicans insisted Ryan was the key to their victory!

It's only August... and I'm wishing it was November.

I will be praying for our leaders, regardless of their party affiliation.  I believe this is what Jesus would want me to do.

My main prayer request is for God to be glorified in this election year.
I'm praying that someway and somehow, the church can shine through these next few months and remind people there is only one man in whom we should put our hopes and dreams upon... His name is Jesus.

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