Monday, July 23, 2012


Amanda's dad, mom and sister.
- We had a great weekend with Amanda's family visiting us in French Lick!  It was her mom's 65th birthday, so I'm especially glad we were able to be with her for that.  With Amanda's nephews being here, we had to do some FUN stuff... like playing laser tag, riding go-karts, and even making a trip to Holiday World!  We had a blast in the water park!!  (Although I did get a little burned.)

- Sunday was a good day at Restoration Christian Church!  Micah did a great job leading worship... we had a good crowd, especially considering several of our core group were missing.  Plus, a family from the church my brother preaches at visited with us!  Amanda and I were also able to go out to lunch with some good friends of mine who also were visiting Restoration yesterday.

- It's amazing how so many good things can happen in a day, yet I am obsessed with the one or two negatives which take place.  

- This week the HILLSBORO FAMILY CAMP is taking place!  I'm praying for my dad, who is the director of the camp, as well as everyone involved with the program.  HFC is a great time!
Main Pavilion at HFC

Have a great day everyone!!!  

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