Monday, July 02, 2012


It's time for another installment of my musings on a Monday...

- I had a great weekend with Amanda!  I'm very thankful for my wife.  We really have a great time together.  Although, I got a little upset at her the other day during our walk.  Granted, we walked outside on a day the temperature hit 106 in French Lick!   Walking 3 miles in the heat was not the smartest thing we've ever done.  Especially when I find out the heat affects her asthma!  Thankfully we made it back home.

- Had the opportunity to visit Southeast Christian Church this weekend for their 50th anniversary celebration.  It was incredible!  I'm always amazed at the ways in which God has blessed this church in Louisville.

A key theme throughout the worship service was "Risky Faith." The church has continually stepped out in faith, taking bold risks... and God has honored their faith.

I especially enjoyed hearing from Bob Russell, Dave Stone and Kyle Idleman during the service.  These guys are 3 of the best preachers you'll ever hear.

-  It's been so hot that 85 degrees feels cool.  

- I love being the preacher for Restoration Christian Church!!!  One of our supporting churches, the Christian Church of Jasper, wrote an article about us in their monthly newsletter.  Reading our story got me all pumped up!  (Crazy how that happens. lol)  I'm so thankful to be involved with what God is doing here.  I'm shocked God would give me this opportunity.  I'm praying we will honor Him in everything we do. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!  

- Hope you have a great Monday!  

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