Monday, June 11, 2012


It's Monday!!!  

To say the last few weeks have been busy is the understatement of 2012!!!

- The Saturday before last, Amanda and I were attending Kelsie Allen's (no relation) graduation party here in French Lick.  As we are leaving, we get a call from one of Amanda's neighbors in Wabash. Apparently, some kids broke into our house in Wabash and were staying there!  Fortunately, they did not do any major damage.  It was mostly a clean-up job.

I'm also very thankful our realtor has gone above and beyond to help us in this situation!

Of course, this was the night before our church held it's first service in the Springs Stadium Theatre!  Not exactly what I thought I'd be focusing on that night!

- Our church has begun holding services in the theatre!  This has been a really good move for us.  I'm thankful the elementary school allowed us to meet in there for several months, but I'm convinced at the right time, God opened this door to the theatre for our church.

Meeting in the theatre has created some buzz within our community.  The owner of the theatre said people coming to see movies had even asked for information about our church.  The owner said it would be good for our church to put up some flyers and leave brochures for people at the theatre.

It's going to be a great place to meet!

Hanging out in the lobby at Restoration.

The sermon is finally done!  lol 

The screen makes me feel small.  =) lol


CraigDt4 said...

But do they serve popcorn for the services? And, looking at those chairs, I don't think your congregation will ever move to a regular church now - - you'll have to install fancy stadium seats!!!

Wade Allen said...

LOL... no popcorn available yet Craig. As far as the seats, we knew it'd be a step of faith going to the theatre since people would probably fall asleep in the reclining chairs. =)

Come visit if you get a Sunday away!