Tuesday, May 22, 2012


On Wednesday, May 23, our church is 10 days out from holding our first worship service at the Springs Stadium Theatre.

Before the church in the New Testament began, the disciples spent 10 days in prayer leading up to the Day of Pentecost.  Pentecost was God's chosen launch day for the church in Jerusalem.  On that day, the apostles preached to the crowd and 3,000 people responded to the message, and were baptized.

What's interesting to me is how little planning the disciples did before Pentecost.  They simply prayed and fasted for 10 days.


Because you cannot plan Pentecost.  But, if you spend 10 days in an upper room praying and seeking God, Pentecost is bound to happen.

We are making plans for our church to begin holding worship services at the theatre on June 3rd.  There are several benefits with this move.  The theatre is a great location with plenty of parking.  We will have excellent space for our children's ministry.  The number of seats in the theatre will provide room for future growth.

While making plans is a good thing to do, let us never forget seeking is greater than planning.

What if we took the time and effort we place on making plans for God and channel that energy into seeking God?

I am asking you to seek God the next 10 days on behalf of Restoration Christian Church.  Seek God and ask Him to pour out His blessings on our efforts here.  Our desire is to honor God by launching a spiritual restoration in the Springs Valley community.  We desperately need God to bless in order for us to make a difference in this community.

I have set the alarm on my phone for 6:03am & 6:03pm.  Our first Sunday in the theatre is June 3rd (6/03).  Will you join me in seeking God at these times over the next 10 days?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

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