Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Words are Inadequate at Times...

I came home this past Saturday from a meeting to find my wife Amanda talking on the phone.  I could tell by the tone of the conversation that something was wrong.  My suspicion was confirmed when I saw tears in her eyes.  I learned that Amanda's next door neighbor and dear friend, Marge, was on a flight to Houston for her grandsons wedding.  However, while the plane was in the air, Marge passed away.  She was a dear lady, like a grandmother to Amanda.  Marge had been a good friend to Amanda during some difficult times.

Soon after receiving this phone call, Amanda and I drove to visit with the sister of a lady from our church.  Hospice had been called in to provide comfort in the remaining time of this lady's life.  We visited with the family for an hour or so.  We prayed with them.  Then we began to make our trip back to French Lick.  We had not gone more than 5 miles when I got the phone call asking if we could turn around and come back because Ashley had just passed away.  She was only 27.  The mother of 2 small children.  Cancer is an ugly sickness.

Driving back to French Lick, I was talking to my friend Darrel Land on the phone.  Darrel shared with me that his dad's sister, Darrel's aunt, had passed away on Saturday as well.

I remember thinking "How much can a day bring?!?!"  Plus, these were the situations I knew about.  I'm sure there were many others dealing with difficult times as well.

After a difficult Saturday, and a full day on Sunday, Sunday evening we got the call that my Grandpa Allen was not doing well.  At 12:27 AM on April 16, my grandpa breathed his last.

The longer I live in this world, the more aware of suffering and grief I become.

The longer I live in this world, the more I look forward to the next.

Some situations are deeper than words.

Perhaps that is why Jesus would pray, not just with words, but as Hebrews 5:7 tells us, "with loud cries and tears."

After all, sometimes words are simply inadequate.

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