Monday, April 23, 2012


It's Monday!  Time to share some of my recent thoughts.

- Participating in my grandfather's funeral service is an honor I will always remember.  I am thankful that he and my grandmother handed down a legacy of faith.

- While I hated the reason for getting together last week, I always enjoy being with family.  Here's a pic of the Allen family at the funeral meal.  (Everyone was here except for Angie, Sean and Eva.)

- I am enjoying preaching through the book of Ruth!  Chapter one has shown us God's hand in our suffering.  Chapter 2 teaches us about God's hand in our blessings.  Can't wait to get into chapters 3 and 4!!

- So a guy changes his name to "Meta World Peace" and then elbows an opposing player in the head?  Ironic?

- Does anyone else miss football?

- Please pray for my wife Amanda this week as we will be attending the funeral of her neighbor, Marge.  Marge was like a grandmother to Amanda.  Hard to believe that she won't be next door when we visit Wabash again.

- The longer I live, the more I look forward to Heaven.


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