Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WEDNESDAY CATCHUP (Not Ketchup or Catsup)

It's been a busy few days, so I haven't had a chance to post for awhile.  That's why I'm writing this "Wednesday Catchup."

- We kicked off the RADICAL sermon series last Sunday.  It's a tough one to preach... Jesus doesn't mess around when He calls us to follow Him.  Jesus really wants us to be RADICAL in our devotion to Him.  Meaning... there is nothing in this life more important than Him!  Very convicting.

What happens at the Summit... Darrel wishes stayed there. lol
- Spent Monday/Tuesday at the National Preaching Summit in Indianapolis, IN.  I love going to this event every year.  I find myself coming away from the Summit inspired to preach better.  Plus, it's great to see many friends from different parts of the country.  (Although, I had some friends who couldn't attend this year and I definitely missed seeing them.)  But a highlight for me was getting to spend a lot of time hanging out with my friend Darrel Land.

- I really missed Amanda while I was away at the Summit.  It was good to get back home.

- The theme of the Summit was "Old Testament Preaching."  This was a timely topic for me.  I'm going to be preaching through the Old Testament book of "Ruth" after Easter.  Really looking forward to it.

- The NCAA Basketball Tournament starts tomorrow!!!  I've already got my bracket filled out and am looking forward to watching some games.  So proud of the Indiana Hoosiers for making it back into the "big dance."

- This preview makes my wife laugh.  I love to hear her laugh.  (And I'm looking forward to this movie!)

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Jason Thomas said...

wish I could've went to summit, hoping next year!