Monday, March 05, 2012


- It's been a crazy weekend in Indiana!!  We had 70 degree weather that produced deadly tornadoes on Friday, followed by a couple inches of snow on Monday!  
View of snow falling from my window last night.

- Very sad to see the reports on the tornadoes.  Hurting for the families who lost loved ones and their homes.  Praying that God will take this situation and work everything out for good. 

- We had a baptism at Restoration Christian Church yesterday!  Kade Hinkle is a student at Springs Valley High School, and an awesome young man.  Yesterday he was baptized into Christ by Jeff Hale.  Loved celebrating with our church family this decision!!!  

- I got sunburned on our trip to FL last week.  Now my skin is peeling.  I hate peeling...  looks like I have leprosy or something!

- Proud of the Indiana Hoosiers for defeating Purdue yesterday.  However, I did feel bad for Robbie Hummel when he fouled out of the game.  He was trying to stop the clock, but didn't realize he already had 4 fouls.  Hate to see a good player like that end his last regular season game that way.  

- Looking forward to starting a new sermon series this Sunday called RADICAL.  The series is based off of the popular book by David Platt, and seeks to challenge us not to pursue our own agenda, but Christ's agenda.  I'm praying that God will use this series as a benchmark in the life of our church plant.  

- We have 3 main goals at our church - Restored Lives.  Restored Relationships.  Restored Church.  At the beginning of the year we preached a series on the church.  Yesterday we just wrapped up a series on relationships.  This week we start a series on our life in Christ.  I love it when a plan comes together!  

Hope you have a great Monday!  

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