Monday, February 13, 2012


Another installment of my musings on a Monday...

Yesterday was a good day at Restoration Christian Church.  I'm so thankful for all of our set-up crew that come in early to make our church service possible.  I'm also thankful to see our volunteers making a difference in the RCC Kids ministry.  I LOVE MY CHURCH!!

I am becoming a dog person.  This is shocking to me.  I never wanted to become a dog person.  But how could you not love a fur ball like this? lol

I sub taught for our student ministry last night.  I really enjoyed getting to interact with our youth group.  They have so much potential to do amazing things for God in our community!  I get upset when I hear people say that the youth are the "church of tomorrow."  I DISAGREE!  They are the church TODAY.  They are the leaders of TOMORROW.  That's why we want to make a huge investment in their lives.

I watched some of the Grammy awards last night.  When I hear "Grammy Awards" it makes me wish they were awards for grandma's who have made an incredible impact on people's lives.  But, since I'm not in charge, they shall remain a music awards show.

It's fun to see what everyone is saying on Twitter while the award shows are going on. My only Grammy tweet was:  "I wonder if Paul McCartney told LL Cool J - "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years." =)

I thought it was cool that the Beach Boys were honored at the Grammy's.  50 years of music.

It was also interesting that LL Cool J opened with prayer.

Very sad to read about Whitney Houston passing away over the weekend.  I loved listening to her voice. I even have "The Preacher's Wife" soundtrack.  She sounded amazing on that album!  Such a shame that her life ended the way it did.  

I got new bookshelves for my office!!  A BIG thanks to Jim & Kenny for hooking us up with them.  I'm glad to be able to finish unpacking my office now.

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