Monday, December 19, 2011


My thoughts on a Monday...

- We had a great Sunday yesterday at Restoration Christian Church.  It was very exciting to see Brad Combs baptized into Christ yesterday!!  

Brad and Jeff Hale (our Next Gen Minister)
My sermon used the classic movie "It's a Wonderful Life" to wrestle with the question - What if Jesus had never been born?  The reality is that everything would be different if Jesus had never been born!!!  I am so thankful that Jesus was born in Bethlehem... and He lived a perfect life, died on the cross, and came back to life!!!  

I am very thankful to be a part of Restoration Christian Church.  

- I watched the Patriots/Broncos football game yesterday.  I wanted to see how Tebow would play.  While many will criticize him, I think that Tebow played decently.  Yes, he made some mistakes... but what QB doesn't?  The biggest problem for the Broncos yesterday was their turnovers.  You cannot give the ball away to New England like they did yesterday.  But my opinion is that if Tebow is given the chance, and if they can add some defense, he will go far in the NFL.  

Besides, all Tim Tebow did yesterday was what every other NFL QB has done this season except for Aaron Rogers...  lose his 2nd game.  

- We are having church on Christmas this year.  It can be difficult with Christmas falling on Sunday to get everyone together.  I know our family is affected by it.  Plans and schedules have to be altered.  But even though it is not convenient, we are still going to have our worship service on Sunday morning. (I say this because I have been asked if we are having church Christmas morning.)  

We view this as a great teaching opportunity for our families to show their children what Christmas is truly about.  This coming Sunday we will not have any kids programming.  Everyone will be together for a time of worship to celebrate Christ coming to earth.  I'm looking forward to this special time of worship with families this Sunday!!  

- Did the Colts really win yesterday?  Peyton starts throwing in practice and they get inspired.  =)  

Have a great Monday!!!  

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