Monday, December 05, 2011


Another installment of my thoughts on a Monday morning...

- First of all, I am very blessed. I have so much to be thankful for.  My wife.  My family.  My friends.  My church.    

- Yesterday got off to a rough start.  However, it finished up AMAZING.

I was printing things off for church in the morning. (I know I shouldn't wait until Sunday morning, but that's what happened. lol)  As I was printing the bulletin, the printer stopped printing.  One of the toner cartridges was out.  Thankfully, Matt Pierce is an angel in disguise and had ordered replacement cartridges... AND BROUGHT THEM TO MY HOME.

So I replaced one cartridge.  The printer started printing.  For a few pages that is... then it stopped.  Long story short, I had to replace 3 cartridges yesterday morning on the printer!!

Then, I get a text from our worship leader saying that he can't make it.

I've always had this nightmare that one Sunday we'd be stuck without a worship leader.  It finally happened.

So at 8:50 AM... a mere hour and ten minutes before our service was to start, I call Steve and Jennifer from our church to see if they can lead some songs for us.  I am so thankful they were able to cover for us.

I'll be brutally honest... it wasn't our best service ever.  It wasn't as smooth as what we'd like for our service to be, and even my sermon wasn't that great.  But all things considered, it came together very well!

What's exciting is that we had a rededication and a possible baptism for later this week!!!  

It just goes to show that God can take our mess and make it into something beautiful.

- Last night we had a prayer dedication service for our new offices!!!  That's right.  We now have offices for Restoration Christian Church.  We are leasing the former loan department of the Springs Valley Bank & Trust.  This space will give us a "home base" for ministry, as well as space for small groups to meet throughout the week.  Our Sunday service will still take place at the Springs Valley Elementary School.

It was very exciting last night to gather with people from our church in the new office space.  We prayed together and gave God thanks for bringing us to this point, and dedicating these facilities to His glory and honor.

Here are a few pics from the offices.  More will come later!

Have a great Monday!!

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