Monday, October 17, 2011


What a great weekend!!!

First of all, it is "Facebook official" now that I am engaged to the lovely Amanda Templin!!!  I'm very excited about this.  =)   I'll be posting more about her and me later on the blog. All I can say is "life is good!"

Me & Amanda
Our 2nd official Sunday as a church was great.  After launching with 71 people last week, I was preparing myself for a big drop in attendance.  Most church planters I talked with said to expect that the 2nd week would not have as many people.  Since we had 71 to start with, I figured we'd be down to 40-50 people this weekend, which is a great number to start with.

I was blown away when we had 64 yesterday for church!!

Especially since we had 17 first time visitors and 6 of our core group were absent for various reasons.

God is really blessing our church.  I know anything good that happens at Restoration Christian Church is from God.  I am not that good.  But I keep praying that in my weakness HE will be strong.  I love the Lord and the fact that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  Really takes the pressure off.

Was also glad to visit with my aunts and uncle from Bedford yesterday.  Harold & Beth and Cynthia drove down to attend church and go to lunch.  So thankful for my family and their encouragement and support.

Jeff & Jessica Hale
Last night we had a bonfire to welcome our Next Gen Minister - Jeff Hale and his wife Jessica to our church.  52 people gathered at Randy & Cathy Chaplin's house to roast hot dogs, make s'mores, and play a little football.  They also heard Jeff share his heart about the direction of our student ministry (6-12th grade), as well as listen to me rap a little bit.  (Seriously, totally unplanned but the crowd demanded it.)

I guess I'll just sum up everything by saying... I'm so excited about the future with Amanda and all that God has in store for us and Restoration Christian Church!!!

Have a great Monday!


Matt Summers said...

Awesome! Great to hear things are starting well!

Jason Thomas said...

God is great!