Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Church plants will often launch by doing an “attractive” sermon series that will catch the interest of their community.  These sermons may even be controversial so that a "buzz" is created in town.  

I must say that I struggle with this temptation.  As we launch Restoration Christian Church, I want to have a sermon series that will appeal to people.  I want something that will be flashy and spark a lot of interest.  I want a series of sermons that would bring in a large crowd.  

It was in June that I began to plan and pray about what I should preach at the beginning of our church.  As I prayed, I thought about the New Testament book of Colossians.  I quickly tried to push Colossians out of my mind because that was not a "hip" series idea. But over and over again I have been brought back to the book of Colossians. 

Colossians is a great book. 

It is a short book.  Only 4 chapters.  

It is a book about Jesus Christ.  

If there is anyone I want our church and community to know... it is Jesus.  

If there is any topic I should preach about... I can't think of any better than Jesus.  

Restoration Christian Church is about Jesus Christ.  This church is NOT about Wade Allen... or anyone else for that matter.  So while it may not be the "trendy" thing to do at the launch of a church, I am going to preach through the book of Colossians.  

What's been exciting for me is to see how preaching through Colossians is a great choice for the launch of our church!!  In fact, I have four main reasons why I want to preach through Colossians.  


We live in a time when people want to know what works.  Walk into any book store and you will find a section called "self-help" that is filled with rows and rows of books.  People want to know what works.  People want to know what makes life better.  

Our culture asks the same questions about Jesus Christ.  Does it work to follow Jesus?  Does He bring happiness?  Does He bring meaning to life?  Is there purpose with following Jesus?  Is there hope with Jesus?  

I love the book of Colossians because it answers those questions!!  Colossians gives us an amazing picture of Jesus and how He brings life to others.  

If there is anything our community needs now it is practical teaching on Jesus and His way of life.  

Tomorrow I'll share 3 more reasons why I decided to preach through Colossians...

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Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Wade. BTW, if you need graphics that you can use free for your purposes, try this site: http://www.creationswap.com/

— Daniel Ross