Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The spiritual life is a journey of humiliation.  The closer I get to God the more humble I am/have to become.  God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. 

It's tough to admit... but I am very prideful.  I can honestly say I want to be humble, but then I'm afraid people wouldn't notice how humble I am!! 

I heard in a sermon Sunday, "Pride is the only disease that makes everyone but the carrier of the disease sick." 

I realize I am so full of my own ego that it's not even funny. 

As I get closer to Good Friday I cannot help but be reminded that Jesus has called me to surrender my life.  Anyone who wants to follow Jesus has to pick up a cross and follow Him.  In other words, I have to put myself to death.  I have to surrender my agenda.  I have to surrender my ego.  I have to go on a journey of humiliation.

That's what Jesus did on the cross.  He submitted to the will of His Father.  Jesus went on a journey of humiliation. 

Yet so often my pride keeps me from submitting.  After all, I do not want to be humiliated.  I would much rather be respected.  I would prefer to be liked. 

Ruth Haley Barton wrote:  "We want God as long as we can still have our successes.  We like the idea of being on a journey of faith as long as it doesn’t require too much…well, faith. We long for the Promised Land as long as we don’t have to leave anything behind.  We want space for God as long as it doesn’t intrude too radically on our packed schedules and conflicting priorities. We want self-knowledge as long as it doesn’t cut too close to the ego bone. We want God’s will as long as it doesn’t make us look too foolish. We want love as long as it’s not too inconvenient. We’d like to buy the pearl of great price as long as we don’t have to sell everything we have."

The spiritual life is a journey of humiliation.  It is humiliating to pursue Christ.  It does not make sense to the world.  But it is through this humbling that I grow closer to God. 

What is it that I'm holding onto rather than humbling myself before God? 

Whatever that thing is... LET GO!!  Start down that humiliating path so that God can lift me up to Him!

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