Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What's up with Wade?

You may be wondering... "What's up with Wade?"  And if you are, I appreciate that.  If you aren't... well, I'll tell you anyway. 

- I'm in the beginning stages of doing a church plant in French Lick, Indiana!!  That's right... I'm working to start a new church in the French Lick area.  It is going to be a difficult ride for sure... but it's one that I'm enjoying.  I will be posting more about the church as time goes forward.  But to serve as an update, we currently have about 30 people who are meeting in our core group Bible study on Sunday nights.  It is definitely some exciting times!! 

- I'm having a sad week.  My friend Alex Lewis passed away on Sunday.  Alex and I were "golf buddies" in Huntingburg.  We would go out every couple weeks and play 9 holes at the Huntingburg Country Club.  Even though there was an age gap between me and Alex (he was 64), we had a good friendship.  Alex loved to laugh and he enjoyed life.  I will definitely miss him, but look forward to being reunited on the course in Heaven!  If you would, please remember Alex's wife Deena in your prayers, as well as his kids in this difficult time. 

- I'm being stretched.  I have not posted a lot lately on the blog (despite my goal of posting more regularly).  The reason for this is that I am in so deep over my head with the church plant that I'm doing a lot more listening than talking.  God is really stretching me in several areas of my life.  It's good and I look forward to the end result... but it's also painful at times.  But I wouldn't have it any other way!  Like the sports trainers used to tell us at football practice, "Stretching prevents injuries." 

Have a great Wednesday everyone!! 

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Adam said...

Congrats, Wade! I'll be praying for you!