Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I heard a minister tell about his mission trip to India.  He visited many places and one of the details that stuck out to him was the amount of idols that each place had.  There were idols in the towns.  There were idols in the people's homes.  Idols were everywhere! 

As he was visiting with a family there in India, the topic of conversation turned to the United States.  The person whose home they were in made the comment, "I wouldn't want to go to the USA because of all the idolatry there."  This preacher was shocked to hear this because he instantly thought, "Wait a second!  We don't have idols in the USA.  Besides, look around!!  There are idols everywhere here!" 

But after a moment he realized that she was right... we have a lot of idols in the USA. 

Granted, they aren't necessarily stone or wood animals...  but they can be golden arches and pizza huts. 

My brother sent me this video.  Really got me thinking about idol worship.

Your thoughts?

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