Tuesday, January 04, 2011

MY GOALS FOR 2011...

There is an old saying which says, “If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time.”

Realizing that I want to make the most of every opportunity, and that I’m not getting any younger, I took some time last week to write out personal goals for my life in the new year of 2011.

I'm posting them on the blog to help keep me accountable.

I did not come up with a long list of items to achieve this year. As someone who has never truly set New Year’s resolutions for himself, I figured I better start off small. But the final result of my writing last week leaves me with 7 goals for 2011 that I want to accomplish.

The first goal I’ll share with you is simply this: Blog at least 3 times each week.

I started this blog for two purposes. First of all, I wanted to have an online journal of the events taking place in my life. I wanted to record my thoughts, reactions, and observations to the situations that took place.

I obviously have not posted everything that has taken place in my life over the last few years because some things are too personal to share, but I do enjoy reading back through the archives and remembering events that I had forgotten about.

The other purpose for starting this blog was to develop my writing skills. A bucket list item for my life is to write a book. I realize that in order to accomplish this goal, I need to work on my writing. Therefore, I started the blog.

This year I plan to get more intentional with my writing/blog. I am working on a plan for each week of the year that will help me stay focused on writing. Granted, some weeks will be better than others, but I hope that over the course of this year I will develop into a better and more consistent writer.

I invite you to speak into my life. Please share any insights, encouragement, and yes, even some criticism if need be. It is only through sharing that I will truly grow as a person and writer.

More goals tomorrow…

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matt said...

I think that these are great goals. I know that after reading your blog, I definately feel like I know who you are and what type of person you are. I feel a little like a stalker though :). I cant wait to see what the rest of your goals are.