Monday, December 06, 2010


I had a great weekend visiting with family and friends...

On Friday I spent the night with my aunt and uncle in Bedford, IN.  I always enjoy seeing Beth and Harold. 

Then on Saturday I made my way to Louisville and spent time with Jeff and Jessica Hale.  Jeff was our intern one summer at Central.  In fact, I still call him Jeff the Intern from time to time. 

It was a blast hanging out with them.  They are a great couple and are doing a good work with the River Valley Christian Church outside of Louisville.  That's the reason I was there this weekend, I was there to fill-in preach at River Valley.  I really enjoyed the church and was glad to be there with them. 

Jeff said the sermon should be online soon.  (As of now it is not online)  Click here if you want to listen to me preach.  The sermon is December 5, 2010.

I also had the chance to visit Brian & Lisa Thieman.  Here's a pic of me holding their baby that was born in October.  Ashlyn Marie Thieman is her name. 

Tonight I get to attend a Christmas concert at the Mt. Washington Church of Christ outside of Hillsboro.  Looking forward to hearing Art & Jeff Bush, along with Steve Foster.  Should be a great night!! 

I would also ask for some prayers... I've got some big decisions to make in the next couple weeks and I sure need God's wisdom to make the right choices.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!! 

Have a great Monday!! 

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