Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts...

Me & Marvin
I had a GREAT time at Elkhorn Valley this past weekend!!!  I spoke Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for their Family Weekend.  What a beautiful place that camp is!! 

It was also great to be teamed up with Marin Whiteman.  Marvin was our worship leader for the weekend... and Marvin is blind.  But the reality is that he sees more in life than the average person!  Marvin is such a great guy to be around!!  And he does an awesome job leading worship.  Plus, he loves Elkhorn Valley and knows the place by heart.  He literally gave me a TOUR of the campground.  It was amazing how he knew where everything was and pointed details out to me... even the location of specific trees were pointed out to me!! 

I'm so glad that college football is back. Ohio State looked decent against Marshall... but this week will be an interesting test from the Miami Hurricanes.  I'm hoping that Ohio State will run the table in the Big Ten and be able to play for the national championship.  I'm curious how they would match up against Alabama. 

Boise State defeated Virginia Tech in a good game last night.  I give Boise State props for keeping their composure and coming back in the last 2 minutes of the game to win it... but I also have to pour some water on their fire.  They need to beef up their schedule if they want to be taken seriously as a championship contender.  They also need to (and I hate to say this about Virginia Tech) get over this win last night.  Tech is a good team, but I don't think they're up with the likes of an Alabama or even Texas.  If Boise State really wanted to send a message, they should have blown Tech out of the water.  Tech is very young... perhaps a year away from greatness if everyone comes back and is healthy??  But not a top tier team.  (Sorry to my friends who are Tech fans.) 

I'm speaking this coming weekend at the Men's Retreat for Whitewater Christian Camp near Vevay, Indiana.  Looking forward to meeting up with some friends and spending time with the guys as we encourage each other to follow THE MAN JESUS. 

And just for fun...  I thought this commercial was hilarious. 

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