Monday, September 27, 2010


It's been an incredible couple of weeks!! 

Thanks to a friend I was able to go to the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.  I enjoy good quartet music, and this year was great!!  Plus, in the display area of the convention hall there was a Delorean Back to the Future Car.  You just never know what you will see there.  lol 

I was then able to travel with some friends to Anderson, South Carolina for a leadership conference.  It was a challenging day... while I don't agree with everything the speakers say, I have to admit that I was challenged deeply by the conference.  When Francis Chan is the worst speaker of the day (in my opinion), it's a pretty good day. 

Here is a list of my main take-aways from each speaker at the conference...
  • "Our strategy ought to be - Listen to God and do what He says."  - Perry Noble
  • "Do you want God to use you greatly?  Then He must wound you deeply."  - Mark Driscoll
  • "Reach out to the broken.  See restrictions as an opportunity.  Tell the truth in love." - Jud Wilhite
  • "Stay in the boat.  That's how you get to the other side." - Judah Smith
  • "Perry Noble's 790 on the SAT is encouraging to me. Takes away a lot of excuses." - Francis Chan
  • "Don't build your faith on what you see or feel, but rather on God's faithfulness.  God's past performance is the best predictor of His future ability." - Steven Furtick
  • "Big church is nothing.  A growing church is everything." - Andy Stanley

It was a good day listening to those guys. 

I then had the opportunity to preach at the Walton Hills Church of Christ near Cleveland, Ohio.  What a great group of people they are!!  I enjoyed being there to speak and having lunch with the leadership after church.  I hope maybe one day I can go back again. 

As I look ahead... I'm getting close to making some big decisions about my future direction in life and ministry.  Please be in prayer for me as I seek God's direction in life. 

Have a great Monday!!! 

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