Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reflections from Bluefield/Graham Game...

As I mentioned yesterday, I traveled to Bluefield, WV this past weekend and watched my old high school football team play our biggest rival, the Graham G-Men. 

I stood at the back of the endzone and shot a quick video an hour before the start of the game...

It was a fun time and yet it also made me very reflective. 

I was amazed at how many activities revolve around the Beaver/Graham game.  Granted, the game was always huge, but now the whole weekend seems filled with tons of activities.  This is the weekend that the high school classes choose to have their class reunion.  Walking into the stadium, I thought it was cool to see the alumni tailgating parties in the parking lot.  I smiled seeing old friends catch up with one another. 

Being at the game made me realize that we really are created for community.  It's not just a fancy line we might throw in a sermon from time to time. 

We truly are created for community. 

What I miss most about ministering with only one church is the sense of community.  I long for that feeling of belonging.  I miss being part of a church family. 

It's true there are perks with traveling around and preaching at different churches from week to week... but I miss the community that comes from being in a local church. 

We are made to enjoy and be part of a community.

You might be able to get "close to God" on your boat fishing on Sunday morning... or you might worship God on a golf course...   but you do those things at your own detriment.  There is nothing that compares to the fellowship and community we can experience in the church. 

I enjoyed sitting among 12,000 people Friday night.  I was thankful to be part of that community. 

But I cannot wait to experience Heaven.  To think of the multitudes that will be there.  That will be the ultimate community!! 

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Kathy Herndon said...

Central Christian misses having you as part of our community (even though you will always be in our hearts). Thank you for this reminder of the blessings that come from communing with brothers and sisters in Christ.