Monday, August 23, 2010


The big news announced last week is that I'm going to be an uncle again!!!  My brother Chad and his wife Megan are expecting.  They found out last week that they will be having a baby boy.  SWEET.  They are due at the beginning of January.  Please pray that everything goes well and that everyone is healthy. 

Mom and Dad are still in Australia.  Their trip is going well.  It's hard to believe this will be the last full week for them down under.  They return to the USA on September 1st.  Dad sent me a message saying he hopes I remember to pick them up at the airport.  lol  =) 

I am so blessed to have the family I do.  I spent a few days at Chad & Megan's last week.  They are so good to me.  I really appreciate them.  Plus, I love the opportunity to hang out with my nephew Malachi.  He may or may not have picked up some bad habits while I watched him.  Let's just say that he is a creative kid and figured out how to throw a golf ball with a spatula all by himself. 

Last week I said no to a good ministry opportunity.  I really struggled with this decision because it was a good thing to do... and yet I knew it wasn't the best thing for me to become inolved in.  It was especially tough to say no when the best opportunity is yet to present itself.  But I am walking by faith and trusting that God will provide like He always does. 

Yesterday I attended River Hills Christian Church outside of Cincinnati.  I had never been there before, but I had met their minister, Jeff Metzger, a few years earlier.  I've heard a lot about River Hills and was really looking forward to visiting there. 

On the way to River Hills, I almost talked myself out of going... but I am so glad I didn't.  It was truly a powerful, convicting worship service.  The message dealt with living a life of worship. 

Here are a few notes I took from the message yesterday: 
 -  God sets the rules for worship.  (2 Samuel 6)
 -  God is thrilled when I express my love to Him. 
 -  Worship always involves giving something. 
 -  Stop evaluating a worship service based on what you get out of it; instead, ask what did you give? 
 -  God is pleased when I yeild my body to Him. 
 -  God is happy when I give my thanks to Him. 
 -  True worship begins with gratitude. 

I am so thankful that I went to River Hills yesterday.  It was a message I needed to hear. 

Have a great Monday!!!

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