Monday, July 12, 2010


I've been thinking about how messed up my life is. 
Not messed up in the sense that I'm on drugs or anything like that. 
Life is just messy

Most of the mess in my life comes from me.  This is a painful realization... but it's true.  I hate to admit this, in fact I want to blame someone else.  But I am responsible for the mess in my life.  The decisions I've made have determined what my life looks like. 

So as I sit here and evaluate things... my life is a mess

I think the biggest reason my life is a mess is because I have tried to give the impression to people that my life isn't a mess. 

This is something most of us are guilty of.  Especially if you go to church.

Think about it.  In the church we have to appear as if we have our act together.  We have to pretend everything is good.  We have to "act" like we are perfect.  In fact the worst thing that could happen is to let someone know that we have failed in some area. 

My pretending not to be a mess has actually resulted in making my life more of a mess. 

The people Jesus was the harshest with in His life were the "religious" people who pretended to be something they were not.  Jesus talked about people who cleaned up the outside, but their insides were dead and rotten.  In other words... they were a mess

The people Jesus had the most compassion for were the "sinners" who knew their life was a mess.  Jesus loved them and was close to them.  Jesus challenged them.  In other words... Jesus was drawn to the mess. 

That's the essence of the Gospel.  It was Jeff Walling who I heard say,
"Life is a mess.  That's why we need a MESS-iah." 

Pretending we are not a mess flies in the face of the message of Jesus. 

Pretending will cost you more than you ever dreamed.  It has cost me more than I ever imagined. 

Pretending will leave you dead and empty on the inside. 

Life is a mess.  But pretending it isn't messy just makes it worse. 

Let's stop the acting.  It's only when we get real that we can be cleaned. 

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