Friday, July 30, 2010

Hillsboro Family Camp

It's strange to think that the 2010 Family Camp is over.  Since I moved back to Hillsboro a couple months ago, I was able to witness up close the amount of preparation that goes into making the week of family camp a reality.  All I can say is that there are TONS of volunteer hours given that without which, family camp could not exist. 

Khi had fun with rocks at HFC.  lol
Looking back on the week, I began thinkng about my favorite parts of the 2010 Family Camp...

-  Playing with my nephew Khi.  Always a good time. 
-  Listening to the sessions. 
-  Seeing so many friends. 
-  Hanging out with my friend Bane Angles. 
-  Eating Skyline Chili. 
-  Hanging out with D.J. Maxey and his youth group. 
-  Being proud of my Dad and brother Chad as they lead the camp.  (Chad's over the teen sessions) 
-  Getting the opportunity to speak during one of the sessions.  That was cool... although I was VERY nervous about it!!  Everyone was kind and very encouraging to me afterwards. 

Family Camp was a good week. 

View from the back as Dad makes announcements.


Soren said...


I enjoyed being at HFC also.

Your sermon was really good!

I did not realize that DJ was there. I would have loved to have seen him.

My friend and I were playing a little game, trying to guess what your Dad's next "awkward announcement" would be. It seemed like at the end of nearly every session, he would have to take care of some housekeeping (e.g. "tell your kids not to jump off a moving wagon; don't walk on the road; don't leave big trash bags in the bathroom; etc."). The pained look on his face was priceless (although nothing tops the one from a few years ago: "Y'all, Please flush.").

It was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones.

Jennifer Witt said...

you had a great message....couldnt tell at all that you were nervous