Sunday, June 27, 2010

Las Vegas Bound...

I'm heading to Las Vegas!!! 

Not the one where what happens there stays there.  (Although that's a myth.) 

I'm heading to Las Vegas, New Mexico!!! 

I'm going to be speaking at a Jr. High week of camp at El Porvenir Christian Camp. 

Looking forward to hanging out with the people there and getting to know the students.  Plus, I get to worship with A Road Less Travelled.  These guys have been on tour with Hawk Nelson, Superchick and some other Christian rock groups.  Should be an awesome time. 

The theme for the week is "AWAKE."  We want to challenge the students to stop simply going through the motions of Church, and seek a real one-on-one relationship with Jesus. 

One of the greatest tools in the enemy’s arsenal is simply lulling us into complacency. God is calling us to stand up and say, “No more! No more taking life as the world offers it. Today I will AWAKEN to the call of my God!” 

Please pray that God would use me to bring Him glory and draw the students closer to Him. 

Have a great week!!! 

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