Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I've posted on the blog.  If you noticed my absence... thanks!  I appreciate you thinking of me.  If you didn't notice... well, that's ok too.  I'm just glad you are here. 

My lack of blogging has been intentional.  I am going through what I call a "wilderness" in my life.  I'm trying to slow down and simply listen to what God has to say.  I have realized many weak areas in my life.  There is much I need to do in order to be conformed to the person God wants me to be.  There are several failures on my part and hurts from life that I am trying to overcome. 

So for now, I'm simply trying to be quiet and listen. 

During this time away from the blog I did experience the scariest night of my life!!  I was visiting Chad & Megan (my bro and sis-in-law) when in the middle of the night, I am awakened by the sound of Megan running down the steps.  I was sleeping on the couch in the living room.  It was a little after 2 AM.  As I woke up, I realized that Megan was on the phone with 911. 

Then I saw my nephew Malachi.  He was having a seizure!  I cannot tell you how horrible it felt to see that little guy shaking and convulsing.  But then to make matters worse, he stopped breathing.  I heard Megan yell this into the phone.  I was praying, trying to remember what to do from my CPR training, when thankfully, Khi coughed and started breathing again. 

Chad and Megan held Khi until the ambulance arrived.  We went to the hospital and found out that Khi had suffered from a febrile seizure.  He had a fever that rose so quickly that it caused his body to convulse like that.  The good news is there isn't any damage and he should be ok in the future.  Megan simply has to treat his fevers aggressively from now on. 

I am not exaggerating when I say this was the scariest night of my life.  I love that little guy so much and seeing him go through that was very difficult.  I am just so thankful that he is ok. 

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