Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Day After Cinco de Mayo...

When I think about Cinco de Mayo I always think of graduating from Bible college.  The reason I think of my graduation is because I really did graduate from college on May 5, 2001. 

But what is even more special to me is the day after Cinco de Mayo. 

It was on May 6, 2001, that the Mid-way Christian Church in Bluefield, WV ordained me into the ministry.  Granted, I had been doing ministry for over 4 years at that point, but it was on May 6th that they made it official.  It was that day the Mid-way church let the world know I was set apart for Christian ministry. 

I have never forgotten that day. 

What an amazing time in my life. 

It was also a difficult time in my life.  Just two days later on May 8th I would move to Peebles, Ohio and begin a youth ministry with the Peebles Church of Christ.  Moving to Peebles was a good thing!!  But it was very tough saying goodbye to my friends.  It was tough saying goodbye to a place I had lived in for almost 12 years. 

But as I reflect on those things today I am reminded again and again how faithful God is. 

God has brought me through each transition in my life.  God has used each transition for His glory. 

And I have no doubt that He will continue to use my current transition in the same way. 

Happy day after Cinco de Mayo everyone!!!  =) 

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Sara said...

Wouldn't it be easier to say "Happy Seis de Mayo?" :-)