Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Musings...

- Last week was incredible!!! Spending time with my family in Pigeon Forge, TN is something that I will always remember. So many good times. My brother and I even played some golf! (Granted it was 40 degrees outside, but we were determined to play.) I'm very thankful that our family is so blessed to be able to go there and spend time together.

- Yesterday was a good day at church. I'm preaching through Psalm 23. Yesterday I preached from verse 2 - "He makes me lie down." We get so busy in our lives that it causes us to neglect the important relationships in life. Yet, there can come a time when our Shepherd makes us take a break.

Little children do not like to take a break. Children do not like taking naps. Resistance to rest is a mark of immaturity. We need to observe the "Sabbath principle" of taking time to rest and worship. Otherwise, we will be immature!

- I'm praying for my mom who is having eye surgery this morning. It should be a simple outpatient surgery, but it's always good to take your concerns to the Lord. Therefore, any prayers are appreciated!!

- I'm also heading to Indianapolis today to attend the National Preaching Summit. I look forward to this event every year! I love going to a seminar where the focus is to simply become a better preacher. Hopefully that will be the result of me going to Indy.

Have a great Monday!!!

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