Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fat & Sassy

The reality is beginning to sink in that I will be moving away from Huntingburg. It's a tough decision, but I believe it is the right decision.

Obviously it is hard to say goodbye to my church family. It is difficult to say goodbye to friends. But another hardship with moving is saying goodbye to Fat & Sassy.

Fat & Sassy is a restaurant on 4th Street in Huntingburg. It is home to the "Dubois Dookey" sandwich. It is an incredible sandwich, despite what the name might imply.

Today I went to lunch at Fat & Sassy because I realized I won't have many more opportunities to enjoy the "dookey."

I've always wondered why they called it that name.

I always wondered who the marketing genius was. =)

Today I found out.

When the owner of the store was growing up, his mother would always ask before he left for school if he had his dookey with him. What she was asking him was whether or not he had his sandwich for lunch. So when he had his restaurant, he decided to name the sandwich the "Dubois Dookey."

Now we know...

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