Tuesday, March 02, 2010

But I said PLEASE!!!

I'm watching my 1 year old nephew, Malachi, ask his mom, Megan, for a drink of her coffee.

One of the things that Chad & Megan have taught "Khi" is to sign the word "please." It's so cute that Khi will say please for the things he wants. (He is such a good and proper kid.)

But what happens now is whenever Khi wants something, he will sign the word please and just expect to be given what he wants. This morning, he wants a drink of coffee which obviously would not be good for him.

Khi doesn't realize that the coffee would burn his mouth. (Not to mention taste bad!)

But thankfully his mom knows what is best for Khi and even though he said please, she still will not let him have a drink of coffee.

Khi doesn't understand because in his mind he has done everything he knows to get that drink of coffee.

It made me realize we are the same way with our Heavenly Father. We want something that God knows would not be good for us. Yet, we try to do all the right things to manipulate God into letting us have what we want.

But I said "please" God!!!

I'm trying to do all the right things in my life so I can make You happy God.

And yet... God knows what is best. Therefore, He says no.

Why does He say no?

Because it's good for us.

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