Monday, February 15, 2010

When you can't get a light...

I wonder if someone lost their job over the glitch in the torch lighting ceremony at the Winter Olympics?

I find it funny remembering how upset I would be when we would have "glitches" during a worship service at church. When I first started in my ministry at Central I was consumed with "producing" a great worship service. We had good people who were volunteering, but there was little coordination to make things work smoothly. Direction was needed to have a worship service done with excellence.

Now I realize the truth about excellence. Excellence means giving your best... but sometimes there are still glitches.

Now I'm thankful for the glitches.

When things do not go according to plan, the worship service becomes more "real." I am afraid that sometimes we can become "over produced" with our worship service. Please understand, I'm not saying we shouldn't plan ahead and prepare, I simply believe that people are tired of a fake display of affection.

People want the real thing.

And I'm convinced that as we give our best to God, even if there are glitches in the worship service, God will use those opportunities to bring glory to Himself.

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Soren said...

Good thoughts here Wade.

Yesterday we had some "demons in the slide projectors." About halfway through the second service, the wireless signal died and the projectors went black. I was getting ticked (*although I knew it was nobodys' fault, it was a technical glitch). Tracy, leaned over and said, "Relax, people understand that these things happen." Then the congregation spontaneously rose to its feet and sang with even more enthusiasm (even without the words on screen).
The Lord taught me a lesson.