Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Musings...

- Had a great day at church yesterday. Wrapped up the "Just Say Yes" sermon series. It has been one of my most favorite series that we've ever done at Central. Next week we shall start a new series working our way through Psalm 23. More good stuff to come!!!

- I'm so glad that my friend Alex Lewis gets to go to The Masters tournament this year. His wife Deena got him the tickets as a gift. What a lucky guy!!! =)

- Speaking of golf... there was a huge buzz with Tiger Woods apology press conference last week. While I don't condone what he did, I would like to say that I cannot wait for him to return to golf!!! I think the media needs to back off and let him and his family be. I do hope he and his wife can work things out. Plus, I hope he comes back and smokes the rest of the competition like a cheap cigar. That would be sweet.

- Keepinig with the sports theme: I'm trying to stay positive about the Indiana University basketball program... but it's hard to find anything good right now. I think Crean can be a good coach, but he's got to get the players intensity levels up! I can't imagine that type of lackadaisical defense being played if Coach Knight was still at IU.

- During the 2nd worship service yesterday I made a comment in my sermon about how I would make today's sermon brief because people had let me know the previous week's sermon had been too long. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say because I've had several people come up and ask if that really happened. They couldn't believe someone would say that.

Just to clarify... they were teasing when they said my sermon had been too long last week! Everything is OK. =)

- Played basketball with guys from church yesterday afternoon. VERY TIRED from not being used to running that much. But it was a good time. I'm looking forward to next week.

- I'm not sure if the flashlight story or the Britney Spears comment got the most reaction during the sermon yesterday... but they definitely livened things up!!! =) lol

That's all for now...have a great Monday!!!

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Deena said...

We'll bring you back a tournament cap...;-)