Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Musings...

- The Super Bowl wasn't very "super" for Colts fans. The New Orleans Saints defeated them 31 - 17. Some people may speculate about the reasons as to why the Colts lost. Some may say that Garcon dropping the 3rd down pass from Manning was a momentum changer. Others will point to the onside kick to start the second half. Still others may say that the Saints played with more passion.

However, I know the reason why the Colts lost the Super Bowl.

It was because of their blue uniforms.

I'm serious.

Check this out... the Colts franchise has played in four Super Bowls in their history. All four have been played in Miami. They now have a 2 - 2 record. Each time they won, they were wearing their white uniforms; while both of their losses have been in their blue uniforms.

They lost because of the blue uniforms. Now you know! =)

- Congrats to everyone who completed the "New thru 30" challenge at church!! Stay tuned for another reading plan that we can do together.

- Favorite Super Bowl commercial: Betty White / Abe Vigoda Snickers Commercial

- Isn't it amazing that the NFC team in the Super Bowl has one the coin toss 13 years in a row!

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