Monday, January 25, 2010

New thru 30 / Luke 1:1 - Luke 9:62

Our church is reading the New Testament together over the course of the next 30 days. This is a huge goal, but I think it will bring great results for those who read it together. I'm posting some personal observations from the daily reading...

- Ahhh... Dr. Luke's book. We are so blessed that he took the time to research and carefully record the events of Jesus' life and ministry. He did this for someone named Theophilus. Scholars aren't exactly sure just who this person was, but I love the meaning of his name. When you break it down, "Theo" is Greek for God. "Phileo" is Greek for love. Therefore, the name Theophilus means - God lover. And hopefully, everyone of us is a person who loves God. That means this book that Luke wrote is for every God lover out there!

- You gotta love Luke chapter 2... especially if you are a Linus fan.

- I've always wondered about the miracle in Luke 4 where Jesus is being driven out by the angry crowd. They want to kill Him... but He just walks through and goes on His way. How does that happen?

Isn't it interesting that the people we are closest to may have the hardest time listening to us. Jesus had this problem with His hometown and even His family!!

- You have to appreciate Peter's heart in chapter 5 when Jesus asks him to go fishing again. Even though Peter was the experienced fisherman... even though Peter was tired from being up all night... even though Peter had just cleaned and put the nets up... BECAUSE JESUS SAID TO... he would let the nets down.

Things don't always make sense to us, but I pray that we have a heart that will do whatever our Lord asks us to do.

- Luke stresses the importance of faith. Many times we want to tell God, "If you will do this, then I'll believe." But God works the opposite way. If you believe, then He will work.

- I think it's great that in Luke 9 during the transfiguration, Peter starts talking... but as he is talking, God interrupts Peter!!! It's like God is saying, "Be quiet. This is my Son... LISTEN TO HIM!!!" =)

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