Friday, January 15, 2010

New thru 30 / Acts 16:1 - Acts 28:31

Our church is reading the New Testament together over the course of the next 30 days. This is a huge goal, but I think it will bring great results for those who read it together. I'm posting some personal observations from the daily reading...

- I've always wondered how God kept Paul and his crew from travelling to certain places. I do think it's funny that it wasn't until Paul was asleep that he gained clear understanding of where God wanted them to travel. If we are wondering about God's will for our life, perhaps we should "be still and know that He is God" for awhile. Cut out some of the clutter from our lives and focus on Him.

- If I had just been beaten and thrown in prison without trial... would I have the same attitude that Paul & Silas had? Would I be praising God or would I be more concerned about MY rights?

- I know some people get upset when I use illustrations from pop culture... but Paul did the same thing!! (Check out Acts 17:28)

- Paul caused riots because he preached the Gospel. Is my life stirring people up for God?

- I've always thought it is funny that Eutychus fell asleep while Paul was preaching. Now I don't feel so bad when that happens to me!!! =)

It's even funnier that his name is Eutychus... because Eutychus (you'd cuss) too if you fell out the window and died!

- Paul speaks before governor Felix... sharing his case and his faith. I think it's interesting that Felix's reaction was to be afraid. Felix was feeling conviction!! But instead of acting on his conviction, he sent Paul away. Now Felix had Paul brought back to him again, and he listened again... but the text never tells us that he was afraid again. Be careful to act when you feel conviction b/c if you don't, your heart can get hardened!!!

- Paul sails to Rome... gets in a shipwreck... has a snake bite him... and lives under house arrest... all because his life was changed by Jesus Christ. You never know what can happen when you surrender your life to Christ.


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