Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Musings...

Can you believe that January is half way over? Time keeps on ticking... into the future!

- I've really enjoyed reading through the New Testament with our church so far. It has been good to see people in our church step up and attempt the 30 day reading plan. The other positive is that we've had people take the option of a 90 day reading plan. It's not important the time frame you choose, what's important is that you are reading God's Word.

- I saw the Pete Dye golf course at French Lick on Saturday. It was incredible! Definitely above my pay grade. =) You can check it out here.

- The earthquake in Haiti hit close to home last week. My friend Billy Johnson was in Haiti at the time the earthquake hit. He is scheduled to fly home today. I am thankful that he was kept safe through this tragedy.

My friend Darrel Land, however, lost a dear friend in the earthquake. I am saddened by the loss I see in Haiti.

I am amazed at how connected the Christian community is to Haiti. For all of the comments I read on the Internet of people complaining about Christians and their response to the earthquake... we were the ones already in Haiti helping them before the earthquake!

- Seeing the Colts beat the Ravens Saturday night was a good part of the weekend! Now the Colts will face the New York Jets, with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl. I'm glad they will face the Jets instead of the Chargers. First of all, I think the Colts have a better chance against the Jets. Secondly, the Jets are the team that we pulled our starters on and let them win. It'll be nice to see a game where the starters play the whole game.

- I'm taking this week to pray for some clarity and direction in my life. It has been a difficult year for me personally, and I'm simply trying to slow some things down and try to listen. Any prayers you could send up for me would be appreciated!

Have a great Monday!!!


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